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Special Education

Products from Perfect Solutions are suitable for a range of special needs students.

Laser PC6 - Ideal when you need a light weight, long battery life (20 hrs per charge) text device. Advantages are large screen (twice the area of other text devices), which enables a switchable font in the Word Processor with one keystroke (4 lines by 40 characters in a 30 point font, to 8 lines by 80 characters), Word Prediction, phonic Spell Checker (meaning the search engine uses phonics to find misspelled words), Homework Calendar (for those disorganized students), and Typing Tutor (which teaches touch typing in 3 weeks if used everyday for 20 min/day).

With the Text-to-Speech cartridge, a $50 option, the PC6 is 1/4 the cost of another device that speaks! And since every PC6 has the wireless Ir built-in, with the purchase of the $35 Infrared receiver for a desktop computer, text can be sent wirelessly into any application, with no need for special software loaded on the desktop. There simply is no other product available that does so much to help special needs students, so simply, for so little cost!

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A Computer for Every Student

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