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Laser PC6 only $150, add Text-to-Speech for only $50!

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TEXT-TO-SPEECH cartridge speaks Word Processing files, the Word Predict, the Spell Checker, or each letter and word as you type!

Latest research shows it will vastly improve the writing of your students!


Laser PC6

Are you still using desktop computers for word processing?  Would you like to teach literacy using the latest innovative method of Text-to-Speech? If so, the wireless, talking Laser PC6 will change computing at your school! There's no other device that's so simple to use, inexpensive, and yet offers so much, with a large switchable display, 8 built-in programs including a typing tutor and word prediction, plus a Text-to-Speech option!

Writing is effortless on the PC6's full-size keyboard. Editing and viewing text is easy on its large 4 line by 40 and 8 by 80 character display, switchable by 1-keystroke. But what makes the PC6 so amazing is its 1-keystroke wireless upload to a PC or Mac!

Just point the PC6 at the infrared receiver, press the Ir-Send key and watch text flow into the open document. There's no software to load and text can be sent into any application. Just plug our Ir receiver into the USB or keyboard port of the host computer and start transmitting!

Text-to-Speech will vastly improve the writing of your students! With the Text-to-Speech cartridge installed, the word processor can speak, either as the student types, or by playing back passages. The word prediction and spell checker also speak. Headphones are included. (For the latest research on the benefits of using a talking word processor to teach literacy, press the menu button to the upper left entitled, Text-to-Speech).

The wireless, talking Laser PC6 truly fits our motto, "A Computer for Every Student!"


With the PC6, students as early as grade 4 can learn to touch type in 3 weeks with the built-in typing tutor program. There are three exercises, each representing one week of practice, for 20 minutes per day. The first exercise, shown above, teaches the correct fingering using the innovative alphabetic method, pioneered by Stuart Herzog (Herzog Keyboarding) and uses ergonomic fingering pioneered by Linda Lewis (Keytime). The second exercise, called Blends to Words, is a game where a 2-letter blend falls down the screen, followed by words, which must be typed before hitting the bottom. There are 22 such combo's. The third and best exercise, enables student-entered content to be played in the game format. Spelling, vocabulary, phonics, etc., are entered in a word processor file, then played in the typing game. This keeps student interest for the full 3 weeks, after which they are typing accurately at 15-20 wpm.

Students are then ready to use the PC6 for word processing, which improves their typing speed and accuracy all year. Their work can be printed out directly to most printers, or uploaded wirelessly to the desktop computer, where the text can then be desktop published with fonts and graphics. For the price of one desktop, schools can purchase 10 PC6's!


LCD Display - 8 lines x 80 columns and 4 lines x 40 columns w/contrast adjust [4 x 40 is for larger screen font (30point)]
Quiet, Full-size keyboard - Dimensions: 11.6" x 8" x 2.5. Weight: 2.75 lb. w/battery
Print directly to Apple ImageWriter & Stylewriter, HP DeskWriter, all parallel (dot-matrix, inkjet laser) printers
Infrared. Built-in Ir transmitter, receiver optional. One-key upload of WP
InfraRed printing to all parallel (IBM) printers - pass through
Export / Import SS & DB files. Macintosh and IBM (compatibles). Uses MacLink or LaserCom.
RAM and file structure - 256K = 45 named files / 14 pages max of text per file / 100 pages text overall
Expansion port. One cartridge at a time. See software options below.
Battery life- continuous use - 36 hours w/4-AA alkaline, or 20 hours w/ Ni-MH rechargeable (not incl)
Rechargeable battery - Nickel-Metal Hydride (not incl). 4-5 yr life.  A/C adapter recharges while in PC6
Backup power - 3 button-cell rechargeable batteries (incl). Prevents data loss up to 6 months.
Carry case, printer cable (Mac or IBM), A/C adapter – Included.
Text-to-Speech option Thesaurus option (500,000 words)
3 yr warranty


Built in Software

Word processor - 8 x 80 or 4 x 40 display (30 pt font) Generic, text only, exports to all word processors.

  • Up to 45 Word processor files are auto-saved after being named.

  • Word Predict - predicts words after 1, 2, or 3 letters are typed. Words can be played back with optional Text-to-Speech cartridge installed.

  • Text formatting in word processor - Cut & paste, Tab, Underline, Bold, Find, Margins, etc. (complete help menu in WP)

"Sticky keys" and key repeat Included Shift and Ctrl is activated with one keystroke.

Foreign language accents - French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian.

Spell checker - 80,000 Words (4 x 40 display) Accessed from Main Menu, or within word processor

Homework Calendar / Daily calendar (4 x 40 display)

  • Track assignments – past, present & future

Typing Tutor - Two built in exercises, plus use custom exercises from word processor. (4 x 40 display). Teaches touch typing to fourth graders in 3 weeks!

Database - 2 databases (4 x 40 display) -  Database, Tel. Directory – each w/5 fields/record

Spreadsheet - (8 x 80 display) Lotus compatible – send to ClarisWorks, MS Works, etc.
Scientific Calculator - (4 x 40 display) Numeric Keypad + trig, log, exp. 10 memories.


Text-to-Speech Word processor, Word Predict and Spell Checker speak. Can speak each letter and/or word. Will vastly improve the writing of your students! (For the latest research, click menu button on upper left entitled, Text-to-Speech). Two TTS versions, one speaks only through headphones, the other also speaks aloud through internal speaker. Headphones included with both versions.
Thesaurus 500,000 word Roget's II Electronic Thesaurus
Flash Ram Digital hard drive stores up to 121 files with passwords, 200 pages of text. Ideal for portfolio writing!

Dual Display

The PC6's LCD offers 2 display modes:

8 lines by 80 characters

or 4 by 40.

The display size is changed by using 1 keystroke, the 40/80 Key.

What’s Included

The PC6 includes  A/C adapter, carry case and printing cable for IBM or Mac.  The PC6  is the same, it's the cables that determine the platform.  The InfraRed transmitter is built into the PC6.  The Ir receiver for your desktop costs $35.  Only one receiver is needed per desktop computer for wirelessly sending files to a word processor.  (You must use this receiver, not your computers, if it has one.  Our Ir is more reliable than IrDa).



A Computer for Every Student

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